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When was the last time that you represented a client who was unconstrained by economic considerations, who was willing to fund the litigation for years, knowing that they had nothing to gain?  Or, a situation where the client may have misjudged the likely costs of the litigation or their prospects for success in the case, but still said to proceed at all costs?  Probably never.  Paying legal bills and the costs associated with litigation and trial practice clearly focus ones mind.

Sometimes counsel will select mediation to circumvent the economic hardship of a case  only to encounter the reality of an hourly rate charged by the mediator that results in a mediation expenditure far greater than the case warrants..

That is where 750MEDIATION comes in.

The unique, fixed fee pricing schedule of 750MEDIATION provides both counsel and their clients with the opportunity to bring big-case mediation to the average personal injury file, at a price point easily within reach. - for all of your personal injury files. 


Thank you for visiting this web site.  My  name is JOHN SAWICKI and I have been a practicing civil trial attorney for over thirty years.  I have been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a civil trial attorney since 1996 and by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a civil trial advocate since 2003,  

In my practice I have represented both plaintiffs, defendants, self-insureds, and large  and smaller insurance carriers.  I have served and continue to serve as a court appointed arbitrator in the Superior Court of New Jersey.  Chances are you know me and we have either had cases together in the past or I have arbitrated one of your cases, - or perhaps you have already relied upon 750MEDIATION to assist in closing out a file or two. 

A little about the genesis of 750MEDIATION.  Over the years in my practice I saw that there were often cases that would clearly benefit from mediation but the economics of that particular file did not justify the dollar expenditure which traditional by the hour mediation would require.  750MEDIATION is designed to change that.  

At 750MEDIATION, each participating counsel/party pays a one-time fee of $750.00 which covers all scheduling and conference calls, my review of the mediation submissions, and one five-hour mediation session.  That is the cost per personal injury file.   

If additional follow-up mediation sessions are desired, they are similarly billed at $750.00 per counsel/party per five-hour session.  THAT'S IT.  You know your cost before going in.  

As with all mediation, the parties control the proceeding.  My effort is to facilitate the conversation and to work with the parties to find the common ground that will allow for the case to conclude.  Once an agreement is struck, the terms are reduced to writing, and counsel will alert the court that the matter has been resolved.  THAT'S IT.

I invite your call to discuss any pending civil matters which you feel may benefit from a mediation with 750MEDIATION.  Conference calls with all parties participating are strongly encouraged., but if you simply wish to explore the possibilities, please reach out to me.

Thank you for considering 750MEDIATION.  

I look forward to working with you.


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