THE 750MEDIATION Advantage



 The cost of mediation is traditionally billed by a mediator at an agreed upon hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours spent by the mediator in preparing for and conducting the mediation hearing.   The mediators final bill is often staggering. 


750MEDIATION's fixed fee schedule allows you to bring the benefits of mediation to the average personal injury case which might not otherwise justify the hourly rates typically charged  on an hourly basis for mediation services.   

750MEDIATION recognizes that this option allows you the opportunity to CONTROL, REDUCE, AND ULTIMATELY ELIMINATE future file litigation costs and future file trial expenses, ultimately allowing plaintiff's counsel to increase the net recovery to the plaintiff and in allowing defense counsel and the insurance carrier to bring the case to closure without further, future file costs.   

By retaining  750MEDIATION,  you have the potential to 

stop the ever-spiraling costs of litigation, 

avoid the necessary costs associated with trial, 

and bring the certainty of closure to the file.,

all with terms that are acceptable to all parties to the dispute.



 750MEDIATION offers an attractive mechanism to resolve a pending legal dispute by working with the parties to find ways to resolve any necessary outstanding discovery issues and the conflict, quickly, efficiently, and in a more cost-effective manner than either hourly rate mediation 

or the continued and protracted paths of traditional litigation and trial practice. 



 750MEDIATION sidesteps the ever-growing backlog of cases in the Superior Court and reduces the wait time for final resolution of the case.   

During  the mediation process, each parties interests are considered equally by the mediator, through both private and joint caucuses.  

No one side has a greater voice than the other.  All sides are heard and considered.   

750MEDIATION is here to help all sides bring the matter to a conclusion which is acceptable to all interests and to which all parties ultimately agree to accept.   

750MEDIATION finds ways to make the pieces of the puzzle FIT.

THE 750MEDIATION Advantage



 750MEDIATION affords your client PRIVACY by avoiding an adversarial hearing in  a  public courtroom.  CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY IS ALWAYS PRESERVED.   

Should the matter be unsuccessful at mediation, what was either said or exchanged during the mediation process remains confidential and cannot be raised in any subsequent legal proceeding.   Similarly the mediator cannot later be called as a witness, by either side of the dispute.



 750MEDIATION allows both you and your client to maintain control over the ultimate outcome of the case.  

YOU DECIDE what the final outcome of the dispute will be.    

YOU DECIDE when the dispute ultimately ends.