Recognizing expediency, cost efficiency, and certainty of result,  large corporations facing high exposure disputes involving millions of dollars and placing in issue the value of a company’s reputation and future can afford, and are wise to mediate disputes, often at hourly rates which are prohibitively expensive in an average personal injury case.    


Chances are you represent an individual who is not an icon of industry, who has an injury claim, and who wants to know, when will it all finally be over.  How can you economically bring  to your client the benefits of mediation and ultimately resolve their personal injury case without adding significant additional costs to the file?  



750MEDIATION offers an attractive mechanism to resolve a pending personal injury cases by working with the parties to find ways to resolve the dispute quickly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.  With its unique, fixed-fee pricing, shared equally by all participating counsel of record, 750MEDIATION provides both counsel and participants the opportunity to bring big-case, working mediation to the average personal injury file, at a price point easily within all parties reach.  

At 750MEDIATION there are no hidden fees, costs, or additional billings.  Pricing is simple.  

Each participating counsel pays a one-time fee of $750.00 which covers all scheduling and conference calls, the mediators review of each parties mediation statement and preparation for the mediation session, and one five-hour mediation session (starting promptly at 10:00 a.m. and ending promptly at 3:00 p.m.).  

If additional follow-up mediation sessions are desired by the parties, each additional day will again be similarly billed at $750.00 per participating counsel/party per day.

As the founder and principal of 750MEDIATION I understand your client’s needs and your offices capabilities and concerns.  

AS A PLAINTIFF’S ATTORNEY, I UNDERSTAND your client’s fears and uncertainties of the courtroom.  I understand your need to prepare for trial and assure not only the cooperation of each witness, to assure that they are available when needed, and the need for each witness to be fully prepared to testify to their maximum efficacy.    More importantly, I recognize and understand the capital outlay you face, particularly when you have an active civil trial practice with multiple cases on the trial list. each week. 

AS A FORMER DEFENSE ATTORNEY, I UNDERSTAND the need for you to be able to provide your client and their insurance carrier with both predictability and certainty of outcome in conformity with your files reporting, all within the carriers own risk assessment, extensions of authority,  and litigation budget, and your similar needs of trial preparation and witness assurance   – and all while recognizing that ultimately, it will be the jury who makes the final decision by verdict as to the merits of the dispute at hand.   

My experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases exclusively has taught me to have A 360 DEGREE PERSPECTIVE, to appreciate and to understand , on both sides, why some things happen during the life of the case and how to respond to those events when they occur.  I have learned to look at the problem presented, from every angle and from every facet, from the plaintiffs perspective, from the defendants perspective, and from the carriers perspective, to create a responsive strategy.  

750MEDIATION provides a vehicle for this experience to be shared with the civil trial bar to work in tailoring strategies and suggestions for each side of the case, to facilitate rational discussion, and to work toward bringing the parties to an agreement, to allow for the timely, efficient, and cost-effective resolution of the dispute. at hand.





  My name is JOHN S. SAWICKI and I am the founder and principal of 750MEDIATION. 

I have been in practice for over thirty-two years. I have over twenty-five years of experience representing the insureds of both commercial liability and personal lines automobile insurance companies in general liability, premises liability, products liability, and motor vehicle accident cases filed in both the Superior Court of New Jersey and in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. 

I am not affiliated with any law practice other than my own office.


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750MEDIATION is a file cost sensitive mediation practice 

designed to afford every attorney with a personal injury file 

the opportunity to COST-EFFECTIVELY resolve that case through mediation. 





YOU DECIDE.  Your office?  Defense counsel's office?  Our office?  The choice is up to you.   

750MEDIATION does not charge travel time or travel costs for matters venued in the State of New Jersey.


Timing is important .  

When considering mediation, distinguish between the optimal time to commence the mediation process and the optimal time to actually mediate the dispute.

Scheduling mediation too early  may result in counsel and parties not appreciating the critical facts of the case or consequential strengths or weaknesses. of positions taken.  

Scheduling mediation too late may allow discovery to be concluded, psychological barriers to settlement to have taken seed,  or expectations to be unreasonably held. 

It is advantageous to initiate the mediation process as early as possible to allow the mediator to assist the attorneys in focusing on critical issues and to facilitate an appropriate pre-mediation discovery schedule.  Ask yourself,  What level of discovery is necessary  for an informed liability assessment and an informed monetary evaluation of the damages claim?   What  discovery  will the defendants insurance carrier need to establish an appropriate reserve, and secure appropriate settlement authority?  Is there a chain of command in place that will need to review the discovery to set the appropriate reserve and  grant appropriate settlement authority?  How long will that take?  By involving the mediator in the process early, these questions are addressed,  the discovery proceeds in an orderly fashion towards a mutually understood objective, and when the mediation effort is ultimately undertaken, all parties are ready to proceed with a clear understanding of the issues and with the reserves and authority set.




If your case involves a novel issue of law or a disputed interpretation of controlling case precedent, mediation may not be the right choice for you.  Most cases do not fall into either category.  Rather, most cases share a common thread - a client, steadfast in their position , who wants "Their Day In Court."   Often what this really means is they want their position heard.  They don't necessarily want to incur the costs associated with  accomplishing this  goal, and many times they don't understand either what those costs will be or how those costs will affect the final monies either paid or recovered in the case at its conclusion.  

Mediation allows the parties to have a forum to be heard and to avoid the financial costs associated with the continued prosecution and trial of the dispute.  

During the confidential caucuses held during the mediation, the parties get their opportunity to present their positions to the mediator who serving as a quasi-judicial neutral.  Self-determination is encouraged allowing the parties the opportunity to meaningfully assist in fashioning and ultimately agreeing on a resolution of the dispute.  The benefits are obvious.  Mediation allows the unpredictability of a courtroom proceeding to be avoided, as well as the interruptions to life and business from the often times inflexible trial process.      

and HOW ?


Contact  either your adversary, co-counsel,  or the insurance carrier if appropriate and explore whether 750MEDIATION may benefit your case.  

If the parties are in agreement, notify 750MEDIATION 

by either text, direct dial, or email, 24/7.  

750MEDIATION will then reach out to the parties to schedule a preliminary conference call to discuss any open discovery issues and proposed resolutions to those discovery issues.  

When appropriate, 750MEDIATION will schedule a date for mediation submissions, and schedule an agreed upon mediation hearing date.



Text or Direct Dial: (908) 255-3455

Conference Calls:  (855) 223-9118